May 26, 2012

About Movies, Wigs, and other stuff!?

...wait, what?

hahaha~~ XDD I just watched Men in Black 3 yesterday (with my mom, bro, his friend, and my slave =u=)~~ Whoo! It was awesome xD Haha

Walked around quite a bit, bought my mom a Vidal Sassoon hair styling set (it has curlers and straighteners and stuff!) for her birthday <3 And bought a wig too! a nice long, wavy/curled brown wig.. I'll use it for my lolita dress hoho <3

AFA is coming soon!! I'm so excited *runs around the house* I'm going to cosplay as Ciel (in Wonderland version) for Day 1.
Here's a pic I guess?

He's so cute~ orz;;

I got my Ciel wig (from Taobao of course~) a while ago. And of course, the wig is pretty much unstyled. So it's chop chop time XDDD
Arrrghhh look at this monstrosity of a face asdfnjaksdfjaksdf, the Wig is uncut xDD
Chop chop and done~ it looks much better now xD
I swear, I cut this wig again a while later and the amount is much bigger
Hahaha~ I'm just showing off my so called 'bishiness', as if. Lens are Blytheye blue btw! Love them!! Photoshopped make up whoooot!!
I bought the wig that comes with the twin tails too~ This one is for the Robin Ciel version xDD
Muahaha~ a self made headband (the ribbon) xD Does it look okay?

Oh yes~ this is the brown wig I'm using for AFA Day 2~ muohohohohoo
orz.. I look so lala 8DD

I swear, this post is the most random. Ever.

Oh god oh god.. look at this person, not only is he cute.. No, that wasn't a typo, I said HE (ohgodwhy.jpg), he sings really great too! A swedish guy, they said. and he's only 16!! What!!! damn, he's so cute <3<3

I love his style here <3

Okay.. I think this post is long enough :'D

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