August 24, 2012

orz Inactiveness

gosh.. I've been wanting to update my blog on AFAMY since.. well, June?

What the heck, orz;;
Been so busy as of late. SPM Trials starts next Wednesday.. gosh, time just flies so fast ;____;

Anyway~ just to dump some pics, I've received my Daryl Yan cosplay (for Comic Fiesta 2012 Day 1, hoho~)
Here's a pic! The wig is unstyled yet, so bear with it for now. OTL
I assure you, his hairstyle is one of the hardest things to do, ever. And I'm still new to this so yeah XD

Oh gosh look at that room XD HAHA full of stuff

I am totally in love with my new contact lens, it's the Twilight Series in Violet. Really really bright

No edits on the colour, it's really that bright/at the same time fake-looking, but hey, it looks more like anime, right?

I'm still trying to style and cut Daryl's wig, it's so hard ;___; ohh Daryl save me.

Btw, started playing Ib! It's an awesome indie horror game with a really, really touching story. I love it, though the jumpscares are a little hard for me to handle, since I'm not too fond of horror games.. orz;
Thinking of cosplaying as Ib next year or so, after I finish playing the game! Got myself a Garry too <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Can't wait!

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