December 14, 2013


Hey guys!
I found this phone app game Symphonica by Square Enix. It's an awesome orchestra rhythm game with a Visual Novel story :3
Not sure if Google Store has it, I downloaded mine from the AppStore.

They give you the first 3 chapters free, and the rest you need to buy. I was attracted to the gameplay and artwork! So pretty *v*

So I bought the rest of the chapters (there's 12 chapters in total and 4 bonus stories) for 14.99 USD
That's RM48 xD

That's Takt, the protagonist of the game :3 He's a really positive guy. Look at that pretty CG art!!

Volt, Takt's older brother and a really srs man xD

I had a thing for Volt when he was younger. He was such a yasashii brother xD Sadly he didn't grow up to be the same.

I shouldn't show too many CGs, It would be nicer that you see them for yourself when you play ^^

Takt and his orchestra peeps :3 Everyone is lovable in their own way.

All in all, Symphonica is a great game! Although it has a pretty simple and straightforward storyline, the rhythm tapping is unique, almost feels like you're conducting xD

I really recommend to those who love rhythm games~ this one is different and worth the price :D

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