December 15, 2013

Deemo :3

Oh yay~ so I've actually finished Deemo's main story part of the game, but I haven't tried out the last hidden song yet.
I love this game! I have a thing for creepy and mysterious games with all its theories and hidden meanings. Plus this is a really nice rhythm game. And the story is touching ;__;

Deemo (the slenderman dude xD) and the little girl who fell down from the ceiling (I haven't gotten much explanation about why Deemo is like that and why is he trapped down there, and how the girl found her way there)
They found a tree sapling that apparently grows when Deemo plays music! So cute
And look at the girl with her ideas, so adorable!! <3
So the tree continues growing but it was taking too long ;__;
I really felt sad at this part, poor girl..
This part was really touching, Deemo's such a nice guy. He never talks though..
So this tree.. You have to keep playing the songs and pass them to make the tree grow, the story ends when you get to 20 meters @@
Look at her all happy! So cute <3
After the ending credits, they show this picture. I read a theory that the man could be Deemo (omg!!?)

But after that the game mentioned "To be continued"
I'm hoping that they'll come up with a second game or something! <3 I want to know more about Deemo and the girl :D

In a nutshell, Deemo is a really nice rhythm game, worth the price and the piano songs are beautiful.
Not sure how much the game was again but there are in-game purchases of song collections (2 collections, 4 USD each)

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