December 25, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2013!

Ahh finally~ the biggest event has passed ;__;
Overall I really enjoyed this event! It's only downsides is that the entrance and exit are too far apart. OTL;
And the doujin areas are packed like goddamn sardines LOL XD

Anyway, here's some photos I took (and chose to post), just to highlight some awesome people I saw :>

A really tall Thor cosplayer! And he's a foreigner *v*

Psshyea Ginoza bby  I tried editing this photo with photoshop XD


Really cool steampunk people *v*

My group's Uiharu and Saten :D

I've come across plenty of hijab cosplayers this year, she's pretty nice :)

Oh, and lots of camwhore photos too LOL! Fabulous~!

Marcus Montague from Singapore *A* I'm such a big fan, and he recognised me 

I think this is the best 'armoured'/Gundam cosplayer I've seen around :)

My dear blogger/photographer/makeup artist/etc. (lol) friend! She's so multi-talented :D

*v* He's a really cool Wolverine

Another Misaka Mikoto! I love her props

Hahah, derp photo with my Touma xD

I really like this Daft Punk dude, he's so shiny xD

One of the most memorable parts of CF this year. Party Kings!! XD

Aaand end it all with a photo with ZEASonal! She's such a cool person~ 

I'll post some photos of me that I really like in my next update :D!!!

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