January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year 8D

Whee~ it's that time again.
I swear to god, the weather was perfectly normal yesterday. It's like sweltering hot today arghhh.

So yeah~ first day of Chinese New Year. Gong Hei Fatt Choy lol~ 👍

Chyeaaaahh My new black and white dress from SUB! I love it but it's hella restricting xD lol

A nice full body photo courtesy of my mommy :3 I love my new wedges too~ ❤️

I'm visiting my grandparents and relatives at Klang, finally finished and now back in my grandpa's place.

Wheee omg switched to looser, more comfy clothes and maximum derping now :'D

(Yes this is how I look at the moment as I type this blog post *rolls*)

I really dunno what to say. The sun is crazy today and I can't stop snacking NOOO Lolol
See ya tomorrow maybe :'D

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