March 7, 2009


YESS, I went to Kitaro's concert in Genting yesterday! I LOVE IT!

but first..
I attended my school's Family Day celebration yesterday. I was so fun, my mom contributed something nice to sell at my class stall and it sold out later in the day. Oh my, I think my class's stall is the only one selling dedications and gifts. I was so happy yesterday, except for the parts where I'm having the flu and sore throat, but that doesn't matter much xDD

And after that, I went to Genting with my parents.. haha, as usual, we would bet what temperature it would be up there. I guessed 20 degrees Celsius. I got that part right 8'D and then it was time to go for the concert blablabla.. OMG he's so awesome! All the songs he played are so lovely, either slow or fast, and all of them have an important meaning(so no meaningless 'jamming' xD). Oh btw Kitaro is an old Japanese man xDD and he does instrumentals.

yes that's him 8D

so yea.. dad bought one of his albums for RM50, an album including two CDs and a DVD. Epicsauce.
man i want some stuff :U

  • roller skates
  • half gloves
  • um um ummm cosplay 8D
  • a wig? xD
  • many more.. my mind's pretty blank now

OKIEHS.. time to stop typing, i have no more stuff to type :U
i want presentssss...

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