June 3, 2009

School Holidays!!!!

yayy... so far I went out 3 times in a row this week
on Monday it was Pavilion, KL. We watched Terminator: Salvation cuz it was my mom's birthday. xD
I bought two plain rings for my friend (Yunho) and me (JaeJoong) :P hahahhaha YunJae..

Yay!! 8D

on Tuesday it was Sungei Wang. I bought some accessories.. two rings and a leather arm band/bangle thinger. I will include photos of it in my next blog..

so yeah.. today (Wednesday) I went to Times Square with my cousin. I bought an off shoulder top, denim shorts and a tie (just as said, I will include photos in my next blog).
Btw, I found a shop that sells Hero Kim Jae Joong's original cross earings... they cost RM32, and my mom was like "So expensive!!! I won't buy it for you.. btw, I'm going to Korea this October, better I buy for you when I'm there"

Here's how it looks like:

RM32 for these??! That's kinda expensive... D:

hahahaha... I have an obsession for rings now.. I will from now on wear at least ONE ring everytime I go out.. today (3/6/09) I wore 3 rings to Times Square.. geng leh..

alright... I have nothing else to type now... I wish the holidays will never end!!!!

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KimBumSai~~ said...

i pon hang out smlm kt times square ngn namin. xjmp pon ?