March 1, 2014

Bro's Birthday dinner at El-Fresco

My family and I went to Intermark for a birthday dinner (my bro's birthday to be exact xD)
We ate at El-Fresco, a rather unique restaurant where you pick and buy your own food from the grocery mart (right beside it) and they'll cook them for you. Also, it's a No Frills, so they don't marinate the meat. Delicious~~

El-Fresco counter. I like the decorations haha

Some of the meat we bought! (These were for the dinner)

We sat next to this area, the clocks and deco really caught my eye. Gives me an impression of Homura from PMMM

Our food all nicely cooked :)
Lamb, wagyu beef, angus beef and salmon.

Side dishes and desserts!

My mommy with my bro, and with me~ :)

We had a short walk around Intermark afterwards. We derped around the mall taking loads of photos haha <3 it's a lovely place.

This hotel/mall is full of pretty decorations! And it looks really high class <3

I wonder if there'd be another outing for my birthday soon :p 12 March!!